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Our goal is to provide excellent craftsmanship at economical prices.

RT Woodworking & Trim is a multipurpose business that is designed to be flexible in order to provide services to many different types of customers with many different requirements. See our services page for a list of projects that we can provide. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a project in mind that is not on the list. Customizing a project to meet your needs is one of our specialties.

RTWT deals with many types of jobs, but every project is based in trust and respect. We will respect your property and take great care in the condition of it as we work and after we have completed a job. Our goal is to leave no trace that we were there except for your completed project.

RTWT understands commercial deadlines, timelines, and the need to quickly find solutions when problems arise. RTWT continuously looks ahead during the project to predict any problems. This allows as much time as possible to find solutions or to place new orders for material. Revisions, RFIs or any changes can have a cascading effect that architects or owners did not foresee. Our goal is to catch as many as these overlooked problems as early as possible.

There are several options open to the residential client. RTWT can offer a turn key solution. This simply means the homeowner does as little as possible in terms of the project. We also offer options that just help homeowners get started. Sometimes a homeowner, even an experienced do-it-yourselfer, just needs a hand getting started on a project. RTWT can start a project for the do-it-yourselfer. At a predetermined point of the job, the customer can take over.

A trait that makes RTWT different is to provide knowledge and resources to the customer so that they can make educated decisions. We have, for special customers, set up a teaching or co-op job site. This arrangement develops a mutual respect between RTWT and a customer. The customer begins to understand how a project is built. This method often opens the eyes of a person to how difficult carpentry can be, gaining a new respect for the trade and at the same time learning new skills. This also teaches the homeowner how to maintain their completed project. They gain the knowledge of how to find the right person for their future projects or the confidence to do more projects on their own.

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